Is Pattaya really a land of Prostitution?

By: iamaldonlopez | December 16, 2018

Pattaya is also known for Asia’s beach resorts and the second most visited city in Thailand, after Bangkok. Wait!!! Is it really because of the beaches and other tourist attractions or it is the best place for sex as it also well-known for prostitution capital of the world? Hmmm… This is actually quite interesting to write.

“On top of the Bali Hai View Pier.”

I have been in Pattaya numerous times and I was able to witness how outlandish and crazy it is. Pattaya is indeed a reputation as sex capital due to hundreds of beer bars, massage parlors, and go-go clubs.

This prominent Walking street is the center of the Pattaya’s party scene and hookups, extending from Bali Hai pier in the south to the beach road at the north. This neon-lit street is closed from 6 PM until the early morning.


“A go-go club along the walking street.”

If you are a first time visitor to Pattaya then get ready for a revelation. This seaside city is loaded with prostitutes and it has a vast amount of visitors for that reason alone. There are various countries that prostitution is not legal; however, this city doesn’t even care about the rules. Basically, everywhere you turn here, you are most likely going to be looking at a prostitute.



“Walking Street.”

The fact is, although prostitution is illegal there, no one seems to care. You can even see women promoting themselves egotistically on the sidewalk, longing to win the attention of a potential customer. They offer “massages”, which everyone — ‘even the police’ — is well aware of the offer, about having an illegal, paid-for-sex. They even have this unofficial slogan: “Good guys go to heaven, bad guys go to Pattaya.”

I am hoping that Thailand’s tourism minister would continue to focus more on underage sex trafficking, which has been known an issue in Pattaya. And protect children from prostitution.



Lady Boy in Pattaya

On the other hand, Pattaya is home of the unparalleled trannies in the region and its reputation as a ladyboy-friendly tourist. They are extremely beautiful and very sexy. Upon checking, there are estimated figures more than 1000 transexual sex workers in Pattaya which a total of more than 10,000 natural girls and gay boys. They are either work as a freelance on the street or in bars, while some do ‘escort services’ through websites such as GrindrBlueddateinasia, etc. Therefore, Pattaya is absolutely land of the prostitute.

“the cabaret-show at Castro Bar.”


Let me give you some advice. Always make sure to have safer sex to avoid having sexually transmitted infections. Remember, safer sex helps you stay healthy and can even make sex better.

Ultimately, if you are going to visit Pattaya with your family or friends and you are not thinking of hooking ups. Then, I would suggest you base yourself outside the central area so you can have a relaxing stay. You can search for your accommodation, tourist attractions on these links:


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